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Verokey Secure Business Multi-Domain SSL/TLS Certificate

Verokey Secure Business Multi-Domain SSL Certificate Description Verokey

A full-fledged multi-domain certification product for large-scope enterprise websites.

Designed to meet the highest security standards, the Secure Business Multi-Domain SSL certificate from Verokey is the ultimate solution for online asset security. With unmatched flexibility, scalability, and excellent encryption technology, Verokey provides stellar multi-domain coverage in a single security package, simplifying and adding value to any SSL/TLS management setup. Enterprise owners looking to demonstrate their commitment to security and authenticity should consider Verokey a one-stop solution for all their website needs.

Step 1 How many Years?
Step 2How many Domains?
Total Domains Secured
$24.95 Per Year
Step 3Add on Wildcard Domains?
Total Wildcard Domains:
$97.00 Per Year
Final StepTotal Price Summary
Total Due Today: $28.95

Your Savings: $120.05
To ensure the most up-to-date security that meets the latest browser requirements, when you purchase multiple years, you'll need to re-issue your certificate (at no cost to you) once per year.
Upto 30 Days added on for Free when you renew with SSLTrust
  • Validation Type: Business
  • Issuance: 1-2 Days
  • Reissues: Unlimited
  • Warranty: $1,250,000
  • Mobile Devices: Supported
  • Site Seal: Included
  • Refund Policy: 30 Days
  • Secures: 1 - 250 Domains
  • Server Licenses: Unlimited
  • Free Duplication (Multiple CSR/Keys): Unlimited
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Excellent Multi-Domain Security With Additional Value

With the ability to secure multiple main domains under a single top-level domain with just one SSL/TLS certificate, this Verokey Secure Business offers a robust yet affordable solution. Featuring a rapid issuance process that comes with an integrated temporary SSL to protect an organization while validation takes place, Verokey Secure Business lineup leaves nothing to chance. Digital infrastructure management has never been this easy.

More Value, More Features

Verokey's Secure Business Multi-Domain certificate allows organizations of all sizes to protect their visible digital footprint quickly, easily, and with no unnecessary expenses. An enterprise's web infrastructure needs state-of-the-art protection against malicious activity, and Secure Web provides precisely that.

On top of establishing a baseline of security for multiple main domains, Secure Web Multi-Domain SSL/TLS also comes with an array of Site Seal graphics. The dynamic Secure Website and Verified Business Safe graphics cannot be faked in any meaningful way, and they display the affected enterprise's details for anyone interested. In doing so, visitors are quickly informed of their security, improving brand trustworthiness.

Unlimited availability

Verokey Secure Business certification comes with many unlimited options for certificate buyers. These include:

  • unlimited certificate re-issuance instances
  • unlimited certificate duplication tokens (using different CSR/keys)
  • unlimited server licenses

For enterprises that foresee substantial future growth in a relatively short period of time, these could prove instrumental in securing future options, too. Whereas a different certificate provider may look at ways to nickel-and-dime a successful organization, Verokey is interested in helping enterprise owners proliferate instead.

Cost-Effective in Every Way

Verokey Secure Business SSL certificates provide a remarkable return on investment for organizations that need robust multi-domain security solutions. Opting for just one SSL certificate for coverage of multiple domains is a substantial efficacy upgrade, but other features still improve the value proposition:

  • a $1,250,000 warranty package
  • business details showing up on the certificate, with Secure Website and Verified Business Safe Site seals
  • rapid business verification (instant, for previously validated organizations)
  • full-chain ECC or RSA encryption (2048/3072-bit DigiCert root keys)
  • weekly activity checkups
  • 30-day refund policy
  • effectively total 99% support coverage
  • up to six-year security plans
  • Australian-based expert security support

Through a centralized management service and a streamlined administrative solution, Verokey manages to deliver more for less. This helps your business achieve total security without undue compromises.

Easy and Streamlined Management

For an enterprise's Internet efficacy, webmasters must centralize their security under a single management solution. Verokey delivers on that front, too. The robust functionality built into Secure Web SSL certificate products is instantly applied to all affected domains simultaneously. Further, the webmaster can manage all their licenses and additional features from a single control centre application. With Verokey's low pricing options across the board, this also means that the subsequent costs of managing the purchased SSL/TLS will be kept low and manageable across the board.

A Uniquely Reliable Chain of Trust

Verokey Secure Business products enjoy a strong, trustworthy chain of trust due to leveraging the proven DigiCert root certificate. Through a stringent yet rapid validation process, your enterprise could secure a Verokey security suite and tap into this established, trustworthy chain of trust. This way, the integrity and authenticity given with Verokey products could be yours.

This chain of trust enhances the customers' confidence in the sites it's been applied to, establishing the affected organization as a reliable and secure online presence. It also substantially improves a domain's SEO. These boons combine into a comprehensively improved performance profile, a must-have in today's hyper-competitive Internet landscape.

Why Buy From SSLTrust?

SSLTrust is an Australian web security company with years' worth of experience under its belt. Due to this experience and SSL/TLS delivery expertise, SSLTrust can deliver the ultimate balance between value and security to its enterprise-grade clients.

Moreover, a huge library of support documents and useful tools will help to get the Secure Business certification up and running in the shortest order possible. And, for those who need it, a dedicated team of Australian security experts is also ready to help.

Australian support team

SSLTrust prides itself on its team of web security experts with plenty of experience in the SSL/TLS niche. Should push come to shove and if additional assistance is needed, SSLTrust will assist in getting things in order quickly and efficiently.

Product NameVerokey Secure Business Certificate
AlgorithmSHA-2 Enabled
Validation TypeBusiness Validation by DigiCert
Issuance Time1-2 Business Days
Domains + ( For each domain slot )
Allows Additional Domains (SAN)Yes
Server LicensesUnlimited Server Licenses
Key CryptographyRSA or ECC
Minimum Key Size2048-bit (RSA), 233-bit (ECC)
SSL/TLS Encryption256-bit Encryption
Trust IndicatorsHTTPS Browser Padlock
Mobile & Smartphone SupportYes
Browser compatibility99%
Client OS CompatibilityHigh
Included Malware ScanNo
Includes Trust SealYes ( Embedded Organisation name/date/time )
SSL ReissuanceUnlimited and Free
Duplication ( Multiple Keys )Unlimited and Free
Refund Policy30 Days

Very happy with the service from SSLTrust! I had to organise a code signing certificate with a hardware token. Having somewhere local made the process much smoother for verification. Support is also very quick to answer which is a great change!

6 months ago

SSLTrust were a bastion of sanity and competence during a unpleasant battle with Sectigo's processes. They went out of their way to help us get what we needed and it was great to have someone "in our corner". MUCH better than dealing direct! Kudos to Paul for his assistance.

9 months ago