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Digitally signing and encrypting communications and mail server instances with one of the contemporary S/MIME SSL certificate solutions will secure your email and verify yourself as the sender with a unique private key setup. The content of the email will also be verified as unmodified and legitimate with the S/MIME implementation.

Our email SSL certificate solutions are supported by all popular mail applications and let you send secure email messages, as well as use a variety of other communication vectors, including Microsoft Exchange and Outlook Web App, Apple Mail, Gmail, Thunderbird, and others. Using these SSL certificates, you can ensure total recipient compatibility and industry-standard end-to-end encryption. With an S/MIME solution, you can get a top-grade digital signature for all of your communication channels or your mail server. No other SSL certificate can tackle this niche.

By using SSL certificates to sign and encrypt messages, you greatly reduce the odds of them being intercepted and decrypted by attackers. Dangers such as those of man-in-the-middle attacks, packet-sniffers, or HTTPS proxies are all nullified in one fell swoop. Email security is easy if you stick with SSLTrust and S/MIME SSL certificates from our repertoire, and you could have your very own digital signature in record time.

Email Signing Certificates
ProductLowest PriceSecuresValidationIssuance Time 
Verokey Secure Email$11.50 / yr
$100 Saved
Email, Document, Two-Factor AuthEmail1-5 minutes
Most PopularVerokey Secure Employee Email$28.00 / yr
$218 Saved
Email, Document, Two-Factor AuthEmail, Identity and Business1-5 days
Verokey Secure Business Email$27.00 / yr
$221 Saved
Email, Document, Two-Factor AuthEmail, Identity and Business1-5 days
Comodo Personal Authentication Certificate$13.34 / yr
$13 Saved
Email, Document, Two-Factor AuthEmail1-15 minutes
Comodo Email, Identity and Business Authentication$42.48 / yr
$35 Saved
Email, Document, Two-Factor AuthEmail, Identity and Business1-5 days
DigiCert S/MIME Email Certificate$15.29 / yr
$10 Saved
EmailEmail1-5 minutes
DigiCert Premium Client Certificate$33.12 / yr
$13 Saved
Email, Document, Two-Factor AuthEmail, Identity and Business1-5 days
Comodo DigiCert
24/7 Support
Money Back Guarantee
High Assurance
Widely Supported
Email Security

Don't leave Your Email Security to Chance: Choose SSL certificates with SSLTrust

Also known as Personal Identification Certificates or S/MIME SSL certificates, secure email signing certificates are a great way to ensure safety for employees, organizations, and infrastructure (e.g. mail server implementations). Digital signatures are one of the easiest and simplest ways of ensuring that your email messages are not intercepted by malicious elements.

Not only can you use S/MIME email encryption SSL Certificates for email signing, but you can also use them to get your Office and Open Office documents digitally signed, too. This ensures that the received document had not been modified in any way.

Your digital signature cannot be faked once it's protected by a signing SSL certificate. Similarly, mail server certificates make your communication systems far less susceptible to malicious meddling by leveraging email encryption. This alone makes S/MIME signing certificates - such as the ones available via SSLTrust - a must-have for secure communication.

How does an S/MIME Email Certificate Work?

Email-centric SSL certificates (S/MIME) are built from the ground up to serve as special sender-recipient communication validation solutions. These SSL certificates supply webmasters with dedicated digital signatures which add the ability to send encrypted messages from point A to point B. They can help you get digitally signed in every imaginable context. From intra-organization communications all the way to the encryption of private messages.

An S/MIME's purpose is to ensure that each and every document transit, message, or any other type of online data exchange is protected. You can turn any point of communication into an encrypted message, for all intents and purposes. As a service, these validation options use PKI (Public Key Infrastructure) to do the following:

  • let users sign their emails digitally, so as to apply an SSL Certificate Authority's identity validation
  • encrypt the entire contents of said emails before they are sent online
  • secure an entire mail server's worth of of communication vectors

This combination of features can protect from even the most relentless data mining attempts on the Internet. Leveraging an SSL certificate of this type allows you to send an encrypted message using any of your internal communication services. All thanks to special, purpose-built digital signatures deployed via email security SSL. Whether the users are the senders or the recipients, it matters little - the S/MIME email certificate will safeguard everyone involved, and the mail server it's been attached to.

S/MIME Certificates and Email Security

S/MIME certificates also allow you to set up two-factor authentication of users that log in to your organization's intranet and systems. This ensures a secure mailing domain across all email clients, bolstering your security with one of the simplest and most affordable SSL certificate products on the market.

The goal is always for your messages to get to their intended recipient and no one else. The catch, however, is that you'll need SSL mail server certificates to guarantee that. Digital data security is a tricky business in modern times. Relying on SSL encryption on the Internet is the only way to enjoy any level of web security.

Sending Secure Email

Why is it important to keep email safe?

You should do your best to maintain security on your IP address and domain. Make your company stand out to both private and enterprise-grade users with an SSL certificate from an industry-leading SSL certificate provider. Whether you have a private mail server or if you're relying on Microsoft Communications servers, the issue of security remains the same.

Invest in data protection today: it's better to have an S/MIME implementation and not need it, rather than find yourself in a situation where you need an SSL certificate, but don't have it. Reach out to SSLTrust today and make use of our support service in a matter of minutes. We can even help you get your new SSL certificate up and running, if you need us to.

Certificate Signed Email

What are the best Certificate Authorities for Secure Email Signing?

Here at SSLTrust, we offer SSL certificates from two major Certificate Authorities: Comodo and DigiCert.

These CAs' S/MIME SSLs will secure any organization or business domain online, as well as offering a total service model. Customer support is available every step of the way, from installation to ongoing security issues.

You'll need to decide whether Comodo or DigiCert offers the best public-key security for your business with cutting-edge SSL certificate implementations. In practice, both CAs are tremendously valuable, and will quickly sign and encrypt your email certificates.

Either way, you can rest easy knowing that all of your users' communication will be well-protected on your domain with an email certificate of this caliber.

Email Certificate FAQ

Email signing certificates (S/MIME) are a comprehensive cryptographic security solution that ensures the authentication, integrity, privacy, and non-repudiation of the origin of protected lines of communication.

Email certificates are necessary for enterprise-grade communication (e. g. sensitive data transfer, mail server installations, etc.), but they've become increasingly important for private data safekeeping as well. Also known as an S/MIME SSL certificate, one of these products can be used in a variety of ways, from mail server integration to Microsoft Outlook safeguarding.

If you're a business owner, you should get in email securty using an S/MIME SSL Certificate. Investing in mail server certificates is key to guaranteeing safety from data theft via communication tools. Safety for your employees, users, and for your business partners - all equally crucial for your enterprise's authority. Email security is a crucial baseline for modern enterprise owners.

You can get top-of-the-line email safety SSL certificate right here at SSLTrust. In fact, you'll find an amazing array of options right on this page, featuring Comodo and DigiCert Certificate Authorities. Whether you want to use this mail server certificate to secure actual mail servers or, perhaps, for a private digital signature - we can help.

You can certify your email in the settings menu of your email client (mail server installations may vary). The exact option setup will vary, of course, but on Microsoft Outlook, you can follow this path to enable certification:

File/Options/Trust Center/Trust Center Settings/Email Security (left pane)/ Encrypted Email/Settings/Certificates and Algorithms/Choose

There, you'll be able to pick your S/MIME certificate for encryption.

All of your available email SSL S/MIME products will be visible in the settings/options menu(s) of the specific client application you may be using. On Outlook, it's a simple enough process:

File/Options/Trust Center/Trust Center Settings/Email Security (left pane)/Encrypted email/Settings/Certificates and Algorithms/Choose

This will open up a list of available SSLs. All you need to do is to click the one you're interested in, and hit 'View'. Note, too that mail server owners may need to consult a dedicated guide on doing this same process.

You can export/download your installed S/MIME email certificates on any modern email client. Of course, every client application has its own settings menu and option tree, so you'll need to do some digging or consult with the support team - if one is available.

Using Outlook, you can follow this path to export your S/MIME SSL:

File/Options/Trust Center/Trust Center Settings /Email Security (left pane)/ Digital IDs/Import-Export/Export Your Digital ID to a file

Then, you'll be greeted by a window to choose the desired location of the exported email certificate. Enter your password, hit 'OK', and you'll have your email certificates downloaded in no time. Mail server owners may need to follow dedicated instruction sets.

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Comodo Personal Authentication Certificate

Lowest price guarantee, starting as low as $13.34 /yr

Get the Comodo entry-level S/MIME Personal Authentication Certificate to Digitally Sign and Encrypt your email and documents. Ensure message integrity with end-to-end encryption. Have your recipients see you as the verified sender. On top of that, it can also be implemented on mail servers for broad-spectrum security.

Comodo Email, Identity and Business Authentication Certificate

Lowest price guarantee, starting as low as $42.48 /yr

Have your email, identity, and business details verified by a Comodo S/MIME and shown to your recipients. All your emails and attachments can easily be encrypted using your own private key and the recipient's public key (or vice-versa). Have your critical documentation signed to assure that it had not been modified. Comodo understands that safety is key for continued business, and their S/MIME SSL can help you bolster your enterprise's growth.

DigiCert S/MIME Email Certificate

Lowest price guarantee, starting as low as $15.29 /yr

Encrypt and sign your emails and protect your mail server with end-to-end S/MIME encryption provided by DigiCert, one of the most prominent SSL providers around. DigiCert technology is a key component of many security systems around the globe. Ensure that your recipients are getting your emails without any malicious modifications with DigiCert.

DigiCert S/MIME Premium Client Certificate

Lowest price guarantee, starting as low as $33.12 /yr

Personal ID Certificates (Client certificates) are used to verify the identity of an individual. This DigiCert SSL allows you to encrypt, digitally sign and verify emails and documents across the board, and falls into the class of highest-grade mail server certificate solutions. It's a highly versatile S/MIME option that can quickly, easily, and affordably protect your mail server and a variety of other items.