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EV Code Signing Certificate

Comodo EV Code Signing Certificate Comodo
Get instant Publisher Trust with Microsoft SmartScreen. Stop the warnings.
The EV Code Signing Certificate is step above the normal Code Signing Certificate. It will help remove unwanted trust warnings when your customer try to install your applications. Get your publisher identity assurance from the only EV Certificate for your Code Signing.
Upto 90 Days added on for Free
Save More When Buying Multiple Years
Total Due Today: $314.00

Your Savings: $85.00

External Hardware

Unlimited Code


Extended Business

32-bit or 64-bit

Money Back

Comodo EV Code Signing Certificate

Code Signing Certificates help provide authentication to assure your customers that the applications they download is from the publisher named on the certificate. In addition, it also proves that the application has not been tampered, modified or hacked since the signing of the code.

This Extended Validation Code Signing Certificate from Comodo will help get your software installed quicker and easier by your customers. Because your company will be verified as a software publisher, it will be given initual trust to help bypass Microsoft SmartScreen installation warnings.

As and added bonus, and security enhancment; Your private key will be generated by Comodo and sent to you on a physical hardware token. This hardware token will be required to sign code, helping to protect your certificate from being exported and used by unauthorized personnel.

Note: You will be required to use Microsoft Internet Explorer 11 or Mozilla Firefox to collect your certificate. This is because they cannot be generated using Apple Safari, Google Chrome, or Microsoft Edge.

Certificate Specifications

Supported Platforms
  • Windows 8
  • Any Microsoft format (32 and 64 bit) EXE, OCX, MSI, CAB, DLL, and kernel Software
  • Adobe AIR applications
  • JAVA applets
  • Mozilla Object files
  • MS Office Macro or VBA (Visual Basic for Applications) files
  • Apple Mac software for MacOS 9 and OSX
  • Microsoft Silverlight applications or XAF files

SecurityThis certificate digitally signs code with 32-bit or 64-bit portable executable including .cab, .exe, .dll, .csx, and kernel mode software.