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New Portal Public Beta Release

We have been working hard over the last few months on our new Client Portal to release new features and improvements.
At the beginning of 2019 we released the very first beta release of our new portal. Although minimal in features, the feedback we received from our beta testers was very positive. This pushed as to continue making it the best portal possible.
We want to make the whole process of ordering, configuring and managing our Security Products as easy as possible.

Our new portal will help you…
• Manage all your current SSL Certificates
• View soon to be expired certificates
• Reissue Certificates
• View and Manage all steps of the validation process
• Get support with ease and much more

You can access the beta release of our portal today via:
Please note: If you have 2-factor login enabled on your account, you will need to first disable this to login. (We are working on a new 2-factor login process for both the new and old portal)

SSLTrust New Portal

Web Security Scanner

We have had our free website security check tool available for 3 years on our domain. This was a great tool and widely used every day, but it was dated and in need of a refresh. After a month of development and testing we are pleased to release the first instance of our new Website Security Check tool. Now available and still free from here

The tool currently contains 2 main parts:

Malware Check
This tool will check with over 80 of our partner databases that regularly scan and check websites for malware. This includes; Google Safe Browsing, Securi, Comodo, Opera ESET, Bitdefender and many more.

SSL Check
SSL Certificates are a must for any website that allows users to submit information. But not all SSL Certificates and Servers are configured correctly. This SSL Check Tool will make sure your SSL Certificates and Server is installed and configured correctly. It will also make sure there are no known vulnerabilities present such as HEARTBLEED, BREACH, DROWN and more

We still have new features in the works, to be released soon. And we welcome your feedback on any features you would like to see.

Free Website Security Check Website Malware Scanner

Author: Paul Baka
Last Modified: 19/01/2022
Tags: #News